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The Panther-Lair Podcast

Oct 29, 2018

One down, four to go, and on the podcast we're looking at where Pitt goes from here after the Panthers beat Duke on Saturday.

Oct 28, 2018

On the drive home from Heinz Field after Pitt beat Duke, we're talking about a crucial win, a challenging day, the offense, the defense and more. 

Oct 26, 2018

There's a lot riding on Pitt's next five games, and we're talking about what's at stake. Plus, hear from Pat Narduzzi previewing Duke.

Oct 22, 2018

The stretch run of Pitt's 2018 season is under way, and today we're talking about the final five opponents plus the non-conference scheduling.

Oct 19, 2018

On today's podcast, we talk college basketball recruiting with Pitt hoops coach Jeff Capel.