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The Panther-Lair Podcast

Apr 29, 2019

We're on the road back to Pittsburgh, so here's a special Drive Home podcast with some thoughts on recruiting. 

Apr 26, 2019

On the Friday podcast, we're talking about Pitt and the NFL Draft: What are the Panthers' prospects for the next few years?

Apr 22, 2019

To start the week, we're talking about Pitt's wins - and losses - in the fourth quarter. Plus: five games that got away from the Panthers. 

Apr 19, 2019

Pitt just wrapped up its best spring for recruiting in a long time. What worked so well for the Panthers? 

Apr 15, 2019

What stood out in Saturday's Blue-Gold Game? There were a few things that caught our eyes, and that's what we're talking about on the Monday podcast.