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The Panther-Lair Podcast

Aug 31, 2022

On this week's Panther-Lair Show, the Backyard Brawl is less than 48 hours away, and we're talking about the game from every angle. What are we looking for on Thursday night? What's your confidence level? And what's the floor for this team in 2022? We've got a lot to discuss.

Aug 31, 2022

On today's Morning Pitt, we are joined by former Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt, who will be the Panthers' honorary captain for the Backyard Brawl on Thursday night at Acrisure Stadium. Wannstedt, who has participated in Backyard Brawls as a player, assistant coach and head coach, talks to us about his memories of the...

Aug 30, 2022

Monday was a big day for Pitt's 2022 season, as Pat Narduzzi held his first in-season press conference of the year and the team released its first official depth chart of the season. On today's Morning Pitt, we're breaking down the two-deep, looking at some of the key points Narduzzi made, talking about Dave Wannstedt...

Aug 29, 2022

It's finally here: Brawl week is officially underway, and on the first Morning Pitt of the week, we're talking about the home stretch of the offseason, team captains, an underrated strength of this team, Kenny Pickett's chances as a starter and a lot more. 

Aug 26, 2022

On the Friday edition of the Morning Pitt, we're wrapping up our position reviews from Pitt training camp with a look at the Panthers' linebackers and defensive backs. How did linebacker go from a question mark to a potential strength? And is there any position on Pitt's roster that's more solid than safety? Tune for...